Babydoll, chemise or charmeuse? What’s the difference anyway? If you are one of the many who are confused on what to pack for your honeymoon or even your wedding night, then we’re here to help!

First, let’s get you acquainted with the difference between a babydoll, a chemise and a charmeuse – words that you’ve probably encountered more than a dozen times after searching for wedding lingerie online.


This type of lingerie is said to have originated from a movie titled… you guessed it! “Baby Doll!” The movie starred Caroll Baker who wore a babydoll in the 1956 movie’s opening scene.

Babydolls are characterized by their fun, flirty yet innocent look – especially if they are light-colored like this one from Cinema Etoile in a pastel Misty Blue tone. They usually have a loose fit from the bra line below. The loose fabric can be at hips length while some go as long as mid-thigh. Babydolls are usually the lingerie of choice for pear-shaped women.

Like all types of lingerie, they come in a myriad of colors and fabrics but most of the time, babydolls have laces and ribbons and make use of sheer fabric. Check out this cute Embroidered Mesh Babydoll Set from Blush.


A bit body-hugging than the babydoll is the chemise. Chemises are typically longer than babydolls and are one-piece lingerie. Unlike a babydoll’s loose fit below the chest area, a chemise provides a rather tight fit around the hips.

Chemises can be made of mesh like this True Bliss Demi Chemise Set from Blush or a non-translucent material like Cosabella’s Queen Of Diamonds Underwire Slip Chemise.


More of a material type, a charmeuse essentially refers to a type of lingerie which makes use of a lightweight fabric. It usually has satin finishing and can also be made of silk.

Charmeuse can refer to babydolls which make use of satin-finished silk like Dreamgirl’s Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll Set or chemises like this Silk Charmeuse Chemise from Only Hearts.