Valentine’s Day is a great way to express your feelings to your special someone. However, there are times when you just simply run out of ideas on what to give to your Valentine. You don’t need to think about it too much. What’s important is that the gift is from the heart. We’ve come up with a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your date will surely love.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Check out some of our top picks for Valentine’s Day.

1. Premium Roses in a Box
Beautiful red roses that last up to one year
2. 9 Love Bites Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Plump and delectable chocolate covered strawberries
3. Shein Women’s 7-Piece Pajama Set
7-piece pajama set in strawberry print
4. Spa Luxiteque Lavender Spa Gift Basket
Lavender-scented deluxe spa gift set with tote bag
5. Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag
Beautiful Michael Kors cross body bag in pale gold Saffiano leather

(1 ) Premium Roses in a Box

Let’s start with something cheesy yet classic, shall we? Give your Valentine a box of red roses but only better. These roses will last up to a year. Their freshness is preserved using scientific methods that help lock in their moisture. Your Valentine will surely remember that special date because of these beautiful roses. You can order now from Amazon.

(2) 9 Love Bites Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Here’s a sweet (literally) gift for your date! These yummy strawberries are hand dipped into chocolate just in time for Valentine’s Day. These plump and delectable berries are 100% fresh. Order a box in advance from Amazon.

(3) Shein Women’s 7-Piece Pajama Set

For a more practical yet sweet gift, this 7-piece pajama set is perfect. This set includes one cami, one pair of shorts, a shirt, one pair of pants, a drawstring bag, an eye mask slash hair band, and one hair tie. These are all the sleeping essentials your Valentine need to have a good night’s sleep. You can purchase one set from Amazon.

(4) Spa Luxiteque Lavender Spa Gift Basket

Give the gift of self care this Valentine’s Day. This luxurious spa set will surely make your Valentine feel special. This set includes a shampoo bar, soap, lavender-scented massage oil, two bathbombs, bubble bath, shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, bath salt, body butter, body brush, bath puff, hand cream, dry hair cap, and a beautiful tote bag that’s handmade. You can choose between lavender and rose scents. You can grab a set from Amazon.

(5) Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag

If all else fails, opt for something that your date can use. A designer bag can surely make her happy on your romantic date. This pale gold body bag from Michael Kors will look great with any outfit. It’s made with Saffiano leather in a gorgeous gold shade. The gold straps are adjustable and it features a top zipper closure and inside pockets. You can choose from 31 shades. Purchase this now on Amazon.

More gift ideas are available here:

1. Sterling Silver Diamond Drop Earrings
Stunning diamond drop earrings
2. Michael Kors Tone Logo Heart Pendant Necklace
Embellished heart pendant in gold or silver
3. Michael Kors Women’s Runway Silver
Blush pink 42mm water resistant watch
5. 14k Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Exquisite engagement ring in 10k yellow gold

(6) Sterling Silver Diamond Drop Earrings

For a more elegant gift, these drop earrings are sure to please your date, It has a gorgeous teardrop design lined with stunning diamonds. These will look absolutely beautiful on your date. You can grab this from Amazon.

(7) Michael Kors Tone Logo Heart Pendant Necklace

Here’s another Valentine’s Day gift idea that will make your date remember your sweet gesture. This heart pendant necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is intricately embellished. It’s available in gold or silver. You can purchase one from Amazon.

(8) Michael Kors Women’s Runway Silver

You can also opt for a practical and fashionable accessory such as a watch. This 42mm watch features a three hand movement, pink sunray dial and stick indexes, and a platinum pink bracelet. It’s also water resistant for up to 50m. You can wear it while you’re swimming in shallow waters. This watch is in a beautiful blush pink shade but you can also choose from the other 16 colors. Order this one just before Valentine’ Day on Amazon.

(9) 925 Rose Gold Plated Silver Women’s Ring

A ring is also a romantic gift idea for a Valentine. This exquisite piece of jewelry has a delicate design and decorated with a 1.25mm x 1.25mm round white Swarovski Zirconia. It’s crafted in a 925 rose gold plated silver with a 925 stamp. You can grab this from Amazon.

(10) 14k Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

If you wish to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, this is the ring for you. You can celebrate this romantic day with a marriage proposal and you can give this to your special someone to show you’re commitment to her. This ring is in 10k gold and features natural diamonds. Purchase this beautiful ring on Amazon.

You can find more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day here:

Make your Valentine’s Day extra special these year. These Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to bring sweetness and love to your relationship with your significant other. You’ll show a sweeter side when you get one of these gifts on February 14!

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