Gadgets make our daily lives a whole lot easier. If you are a fan of gadgets, you will love these top 10 gadgets you need to try out this spring. These tools are perfect for someone who’s into technology and gadgets that can make a tedious chore enjoyable and bearable. Here are our favorites this season.

1. VicTsing C6 Shower Speaker

If you’re a shower singer, you’ll definitely love this! This portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and has a built-in microphone. Simply connect it to your device and you can enjoy singing in the shower like there’s no tomorrow! Available in green, blue, gray, and orange. You can purchase one from Amazon.

2. Microsoft Surface Go

This versatile gadget has endless possibilities! It’s perfect for a tech-savvy designer, organizer, planner, and many more. Make sure to purchase the keyboard, as well as the pen. These additional accessories can unleash the Microsoft Surface Go’s full potential. Get one now from Amazon!

3. PetChatz HD Two Way Premium Audio and HD Video Pet Treat Camera

For those who can’t get enough of their lovable pets, this is the gadget for you! To sum up what this gadget can do, it’s a digital pet daycare that lets you check in on your furry friend. It features a 2-way audio and video, treat dispenser, games, and calming effects. Buy this one here.

4. Story Electric Bike

Now that everything is gearing towards eco friendly alternatives, this gadget –slash-transportation device is a perfect tool for the modern commuter. You can go on an adventure as you commute your way to your work everyday using this hybrid electric bike. It’s a great way to travel economically and a perfect way to add an exercise routine to your lifestyle every day. You can purchase this from Amazon.

5. Technics SL-1210Mk5 Turntable

If you are into DJ-ing as a hobby or as a career, you need this gadget to make it easier for you to enjoy what you love doing. Major updates have been added to this gadget so DJs and DJs in the making can fully enjoy their craft. You can get one here.

6. Ring Stick Up Camera

Keep your home safe with this two-way camera. It’s great for indoors, as well as the outdoors. If features a 1080dp video, as well as night vision. You can effortlessly mount it anywhere you want and it will let you monitor your home easily. You can also speak to people who are within your property directly using your laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile phone. Available in black or white. Grab this here.

7. Swash Express Clothing Care System

Save money on dry cleaning costs using the Swash Express Clothing Care System. This gadget will dewrinkle, restore, refresh, and preserve your clothes in no time. You don’t have to worry about your cloths when you’re dressing up for a special occasion. Simply place theme in this device and it will keep your clothes looking crisp – just in time for the big event. You can purchase one from Amazon.

8. SONY Glass Sound Speaker

Gadgets nowadays are designed to be quirky yet functional – just like this glass sound speaker from SONY. This wireless speaker connects to your Bluetooth and WiFi and lets you play your favorite tracks in enthralling and attractive sounds. It’s not a glass speaker without any function. The glass vibrates, as well as resonates, to create a more resounding tune. You can get one here.

9. Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

Many have turned their lifestyles around and chose to keep their health and body in check. This activity tracking watch is ideal for those who are constantly monitoring their activity. It now features an ECG, as well as a heart reate monitor, that you can view through your mobile device. It’s extremely helpful; especially if you aim to maximize your workouts monitor your heart. Get one from Amazon.

10. CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

Whether you’re simply travelling for leisure or you are stuck somewhere for long periods of hours, you can easily entertain yourself by watching movie anytime and anywhere. This portable movie theater lets you bring the cinemas wherever you go. It’s a great gadget for those who are always waiting for long periods of hours, as well as those who just want to take their entertainment to a whole new level. You can buy this gadget here.

These top 10 gadgets can help you stay organized and entertained. Try them this spring to give your daily schedule a different take. You can keep your clothes pressed and fresh all the time or you can watch a movie straight out of your pocket!

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