Easter is just around the corner but it’s not too late for some more Easter shopping!

Take a look at our awesome finds!

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Easter Bunny on Garden Patrol Statue

Nothing’s going to mess with your garden while these tough (and adorable) bunnies are on patrol. Armed with carrots, one bunny is patrolling wearing a tomato helmet while the other stands at attention.


Easter Egg Whirls

These Easter Egg Whirls feature five different colored eggs hanging off of matching metallic spirals.


Amy’s Cookies

A delightful assortment of playful egg-shaped cookies.



Jumbo Garden Flags

The wonderful colors of the Jumbo Garden Flag will bring everyone to your yard. Colorful design can be seen from both sides.


Blue Bunny Infant Costume

Little bunny foo-foo! Your “wascally wittle wabbit” will look so cuddly-cute in this blue baby bunny costume. Includes a cozy chenille fur jumpsuit that features blue gingham feet, tummy and ears.


The First Easter Rabbit

Did you know that without the help of Santa Claus, there might not be an Easter Bunny at all? That’s the sweetly surprising story told in this animated family favorite from Rankin/Bass Productions that has enchanted generations.


She will hop when she sees her name embroidered on this snuggle bunny

Show the little Sweetpea that “some bunny loves her” with our cute-as-can-be plush Pink Cuddle Bunny. Soft and snuggly, it wears a pretty pink bow around its neck.


Lighted Geo Mesh Bunny or Chick

Celebrate the Easter season with a Lighted Geo Mesh Bunny or Chick. It features 15 white lights intertwined in the mesh that makes up its glittered body.

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