National Women’s Health Week or NWHW is celebrated during May 12 to 18 every year. It promotes awareness as well as a reminder for women to take good care of themselves. Because of their busy schedules and everyday commitments, many women fail to step back and assess their health. This National Women’s Health Week, women should take this opportunity to schedule an appointment with their doctor to have an idea on their overall well being.

How to Celebrate NWHW

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National Women’s Health Week is a perfect chance to make your health a priority. If you are one of the women who doesn’t have the time to go on your checkups with the doctor, now is your chance to participate in the NWHW. Celebrate this week by celebrating you. Here are some ways you can be part of NWHW meaningfully:

Schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Start participating in this year’s National Women’s Health Week by scheduling an appointment with your doctor. Find time to have yourself checked so you are aware of the different health risks you may be exposed to.

Be informed.

Part of NWHW’s celebration is informing women of the different health-related sickness and diseases of women. Being informed of the different physical and mental health risks for women and how you can prevent, as well as cure, them.

Raise awareness.

Take time to raise awareness by spreading the benefits of what a simple doctor’s can do to improve your health. Inform other women about the different ways to prevent diseases and how to take care of yourself better.

Stay active.

If you are used to staying at home or you are used to sticking to your daily inactive routine, NWHW is a great time to reflect on your health and lifestyle. If you have limited exercise, you may want to start doing activities that can help improve your health. Try running or cycling. You can even start swimming or going to the gym. Try anything that can make you start moving more and staying on the couch less.

Top 10 Must-Haves for NWHW

Now that you are participating in this year’s National Women’s Health Week, it’s the perfect time to start an active lifestyle and concentrate on your health. If you’re used to an unhealthy lifestyle, you may think that changing your daily routine may be hard. However with the help of these health and fitness must-haves, you can easily start living a healthier life.

(1) 2-Pack Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Iced Aqua

Hydration is important, especially if you want to stay healthy. Our body loses water on a daily basis and it can affect our everyday performance. Keep a water bottle with you at all times to help replenish the energy and water you lose. This 2-pack insulated water bottles from Contigo can help retain your water’s coolness for hours. Purchase it from Amazon.

(2) ASICS Women’s Gel Nimbus 20 Running Shoes

When you want to start getting active, it’s important to find a pair of comfortable shoes. Whether you’re planning on doing walks or a run, a reliable pair of running shoes is a great investment. They keep your feet comfortable and protected when you’re doing workouts. You can purchase one from Amazon.

(3) NIKE Women’s Victory Compression Sports Bra

A sports bra helps protect your breasts when you’re doing workouts, especially the more intense ones. Find one that’s comfortable, breathable, and just the right size. Be sure to choose one that can still help you move freely. You can buy one here.

(4) IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

Whether you’re running or doing yoga, it’s important to have a pair of yoga pants that is strong and provides the right support. Avoid purchasing thin and cheap ones as they may tear when you’re at the gym. Get this pair from Amazon.

(5) Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoes Compartment

Find a gym bag that’s roomy so it could fit all your gym essentials. This gym bag is a great choice as it has enough room for your gym necessities, your running shoes, and even your wet workout clothes. It has different compartments that can organize everything you need. You can purchase one from Amazon.

(6) TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System: Full Body Workouts for Your Home Gym

Let’s face it – not everyone has the time to go to the gym everyday. There are times when our schedules become very tight that we miss our sessions at the gym. Luckily, there’s this TRX Suspension Training System that can help you stay fit and stick to your exercise regimen even when you’re at home. Install and set it up so you can have a workout even if it’s just for 30 minutes. You can buy this from Amazon.

(7) Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 2-Way Brewer Single Serve with 12-Cup Carafe

When you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, brew your own coffee. It’s a simple yet effective step in sticking with your recommended calorie intake. If you’re used to ordering your usual coffee from Starbucks, you may want to change your ways. You may be consuming too much sugar and calories that may hinder your fitness journey. Buy a coffee maker and brew your coffee at home. It’s healthier and cost-effective! Buy one here.

(8) Lock & Lock Water Tight Food Containers with 2 Divider Cups

If you want to lose weight or stay healthy, watch what you eat. Prepare your meals at home so you can watch what you put into your food and into your body. Buy containers that make it easy for you to prepare, store, and reheat your food. Containers with dividers are also recommendable so you can control your portions. Get these food containers here.

(9) Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Electric Juicer

If you have a sweet tooth, switch your donuts with natural sweets. Get your sweet fix from fruits. Get a juicer so you can have your favorite juices naturally. It’s healthier and have lesser calories and sugar. Get this juicer from Amazon.

(10) Essential Oil Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier

After all the workout and the work you did for the day, it’s important to relax your body, as well as your mind. As much as it’s important to keep your body healthy, it’s also equally important to ensure your mind’s health. Getting an essential oil diffuser lets you experience the benefits of essential oils. It helps you relax and distress easily. Purchase this diffuser here.

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This National Women’s Health Week, take time to reflect on your lifestyle, as well as your health. This week is the perfect time to start a healthier lifestyle by staying active and taking good care of your mind, body, and overall wellness.

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