Whenever we hear the term, “mindful eating,” we can’t help but wonder what it truly means. By definition, mindful eating is the “process of cultivating an open mind awareness of how the food we eat can affect our body, mind, feelings, and everything around us.” Through this practice, it is said to be able to help you gain total control over what you eat, as well as your eating habits.

Benefits of Mindful Eating

When you practice mindful eating, you can reduce instances of binge eating. This technique also allows you to avoid unwanted or unhealthy eating patterns. As a result, you experience weight loss and you feel better.

Practicing Mindful Eating

There are many ways to practice mindful eating. However, if you are a beginner or you’re just starting out, you may want to take it slowly but surely. Here are some helpful tips on how to start this practice.

  1. Start with your grocery list. Whenever you’re buying or shopping for groceries, you need to start making a list. This helps you think of the food that would provide a high nutritional value. Making a list can also help you avoid buying something on impulse. Stick to your list and you’re one step closer to practicing mindful eating.
  2. Avoid eating with an empty stomach. When you skip your meals or you eat with an empty stomach, there’s a tendency that you’ll be eager to eat whatever is on your plate just to satiate your hunger. To practice mindful eating, you need to eat on time. If you skipped a meal, try eating a small snack before eating your next big meal. This will help you avoid going crazy over food because you’re so hungry.
  3. Start small. Start with small servings. Avoid filling your plate with a lot of food. Instead, take only portions that you can finish. This will help you avoid overeating.
  4. Use all of your senses while you’re eating. Be attentive to what you’re eating. Smell your food. Savor the aroma and taste. This will help you assess if what you’re eating is good for you – if it is seasoned properly, too salty, or missing some ingredients.
  5. Go slow. Take small bites. Chew your food thoroughly. Eat at the table and avoid multitasking. When you’re having a meal, eat. Don’t use your phone or watch on your tablet. Enjoy your meal and your company.

When you’ve mastered how to eat mindfully, you’ll notice that you feel better and lighter.

Try these Products for Mindful Eating

To help you encourage practicing mindful eating, you can get these beautiful kitchen products and dinnerware.

1. Bauer Pottery Russel Wright American Modern Dinnerware and Serve Ware
A ceramic dinnerware set complete with serve ware.
2. Demeyere Stovetop Smoker
A stovetop smoker perfect for cooking healthy dishes.
3. Bamboozle Playful Bamboo Kids Dinnerware Set
Playful dinnerware perfect for little kids.
4. Rosti Mepal Modern Kids Bento Box and Water Bottle
Bento boxes for your little ones. Comes with a matching water bottle.
5. W&P Porter Water Bottle
Chic and stylish water bottle for daily use.

(1) Bauer Pottery Russel Wright American Modern Dinnerware and Serve Ware

There’s something about beautiful ceramic dinnerware that makes you want to enjoy your meal. This dinnerware and serve ware set lets you enjoy your meals together with your friends or family. Each pieces is beautifully handcrafted to make mealtime enjoyable. Purchase a set from Food52.com.

(2) Demeyere Stovetop Smoker

You can easily whip up healthy meals using this stovetop smoker from Demeyere. You’ll be able to stay away from unhealthy cooking by eliminating the use of fats and oils for your dishes. Whether you’re cooking fish or meats, this is the perfect kitchen item for you. You can get this form Food52.com.

(3) Bamboozle Playful Bamboo Kids Dinnerware Set

Mindful eating isn’t just for adults. You can also teach your kids how to eat according to their bodies’ needs with the help of portioned serving. Get them these dinnerware sets where you can easily serve their food in portions. Buy these from Food52.com.

(4) Rosti Mepal Modern Kids Bento Box and Water Bottle

Your child can practice mindful eating wherever he or she goes. Pack your little ones’ lunch and snacks in these bento boxes and they are set for school and the entire day! These are also available in adult sizes. You can get these bento boxes from Food52.com.

(5) W&P Porter Water Bottle

Drinking water is also important in mindful eating. It keeps you hydrated and it keeps your stomach full during times when you feel like binging on a snack or a meal. Always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You can get one from Food52.com.

2. Maine Grains Organic Oats and Ancient Grain Cereal
Healthy breakfast staples that should be part of your pantry.
3. Frog Hallow Farm Fruit of the Month Club
Organic plums, nectarines, and peaches delivered right at your doorstep.
4. Sfoglini Organic Reginetti
Organic reginetti boxes perfect for cooking healthy pasta dishes.
5. Olympia Provisions Artisinal Frankfurter Sausage
Artisinal hotdogs that are perfect for barbecues or just simple snacking indulgence.

(6) Rare Tea Company Small Batch Natural Tea in Packs of 2

Tea can also do wonders for the body. It can help with your mindful eating practice. A cup of tea can provide natural antioxidants to the body. Get this 2-pack tea sets that are hand rolled and crafted by skillful tea connoisseurs. Purchase this from Food52.com.

(7) Maine Grains Organic Oats and Ancient Grain Cereal

Whip up healthy breakfast that’s rich in fiber and good for the heart. Try this organic oats and grain cereal that are a healthier alternative to your usual breakfast staples. You can purchase these from Food52.com.

(8) Frog Hallow Farm Fruit of the Month Club

Organic plums, peaches, and nectarines await you when you get this. You get to enjoy organic and healthy fruits, as well as cook up delicious fruit dishes, whenever you like. You can avail this from Food52.com.

(9) Sfoglini Organic Reginetti

These organic reginettis are just too pretty to eat! They’re healthy and organic, too! You’ll be able to control what you put into your pasta dishes to ensure they are healthy and nutritious. You can purchase a 2-pack set from Food52.com.

(10) Olympia Provisions Artisinal Frankfurter Sausage

Enjoy old-fashioned hotdogs with these artisanal frankfurter sausages. Made with natural and pure ingredients, you’ll surely enjoy and savor the taste of these sausages. You can buy them from Food52.com.

Experience an overall lifestyle change when you practice mindful eating. These products can help you start practicing this technique. Start slowly and you’ll eventually master mindful eating. Together with the proper mindset and the right tools, you can eat healthier.

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