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Vegan School Snacks You’ll Love

Vegan School Snacks You’ll Love

Snack away minus the guilt with these vegan and super healthy treats! Click on the photos to shop the items.

The Vegan Complete Cookie Chocolate Chip

The Vegan Complete Cookie Chocolate Chip

These hefty vegan cookies not only deliver great taste, they also provide 8 grams of quality protein, 3 grams of healthy fiber and 11% of the Daily Value of Iron in every serving.

Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp

Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp, Navitas Naturals

What happens when you combine the protein power of hemp seeds with the abundant antioxidant strength of juicy blueberries? The answer: chewy, crunchy nuggets of joy that will make your taste buds smile and give you energy for your busiest days.

Pure Organic Bar, Cashew Coconut

Pure Organic Bar, Cashew Coconut

You’ll be amazed at what happens when Veronica Bosgraff, the author of the highly acclaimed “Pure Food” cookbook, combines organic dates, cashews, coconut and other quality ingredients with sacha inchi protein. From the soft texture to the rich taste of premium organic nuts and fruits, your taste buds will savor the experience of each delicious bite.

Gluten Free Crackers Original, Mary's Gone Crackers

Gluten Free Crackers Original, Mary’s Gone Crackers

Company founder Mary Waldner has estimated that she baked at least 30,000 of these organic, gluten-free crackers by hand before their popularity convinced her and her husband to manufacture them professionally. You’ll not only enjoy their snappy crunch but the nutty taste of the organic gluten-free whole grain blend will keep you coming back for more.

Trail Mix Goji Mulberry & Goldenberry 4 oz, Navitas Naturals

Trail Mix Goji Mulberry & Goldenberry, Navitas Naturals

Navitas Naturals brings the power of three nutrient-rich berries together to create an incredibly healthy snack that is an excellent choice for hiking, biking, road trips or just snacking in the office. With no fillers or artificial sweeteners, nothing stands between you and this antioxidant-rich combination of goji berries, mulberries and goldenberries.

Real Live Chocolate Orange (6 pc) - Go Raw

Real Live Chocolate Orange – Go Raw

Go Raw starts with 100% raw organic cacao and adds a touch of raw organic agave nectar and a pinch of organic orange oil to make these 32 calorie wonder treats. With all of the cacao’s antioxidant power intact, this is one healthy treat that your taste buds will truly enjoy.

Live Pumpkin Bar 1.8 oz (20ct) - Go Raw

Live Pumpkin Bar – Go Raw

Go Raw’s Live Pumpkin Bar is made from a combination of sprouted organic pumpkin seeds and sprouted organic flax seeds. These seeds are dried at temperatures less than 105⁰ F, so they remain live with all their enzymes intact.

Chewy Apricot 12 g (10ct) - Go Raw

Chewy Apricot 12 g – Go Raw

The Go Raw’s Chewy Apricot Bar combines the beta-carotene power of apricots, the omega-3 strength of organic sprouted flax seeds and potassium punch of raisins. This slender bar fits easily into a pocket or purse so you can keep it handy to give you a mid-day boost during your busy day.

Sprouted Seeds Sunflower 1lb, Go Raw

Sprouted Seeds Sunflower, Go Raw

Eat them right out of the bag as healthy gluten-free snack or enjoy them as a salad topping, either way you’ll be receiving 6 grams of quality protein in every quarter cup serving.

Banana Bread Flax Bar 1.2 oz (30ct) - Go Raw

Banana Bread Flax Bar – Go Raw

Using a blend of sprouted organic flax seeds, unsulphured organic coconut, organic bananas and organic dates, Go Raw has created a power-packed bar that delivers 300mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, 5 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein in every 190 calorie serving. The only sweetener used to make this gluten-free snack is antioxidant-rich dates so this one sweet treat you can enjoy without guilt.

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