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Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Events, Parties and Occasions | 0 comments

Super Bowl Party Tips

Super Bowl Party Tips


Here are three life-saving tips for those who are hosting this year’s football party.

Watching the game is key.

We can’t stress this out more, but we’re doing it anyway! Do remember that the most important thing in a Super Bowl party is the Super Bowl.

This means the TV should take center stage in your football party. Make sure that everyone can watch the Super Bowl XLIX and hear it too! Re-arrange furniture if you must and don’t forget to add more pillows, for extra comfort. Don’t go overboard though, as proper seating is equally important for guests.

Tone down Super Bowl party decors and avoid accents which could interfere with Super Bowl viewing. Really, if you feel like splurging, upgrade to HD or surround-sound instead.

Think: handheld and finger food.

The Super Bowl Party is not the right time to unleash all your save-for-special-occasions-plates. Aside from the possibility of having them broken during the party (yes, football parties can be rowdy), guests will appreciate finger food more than lugging around fancy dinnerware.

Check out our favorite Super Bowl party food recipes here.

Serve beer aplenty.

Beer and game day is a winning combination, taken up a notch when good food, good company and even more beer come in. Keep ‘em cold and keep ‘em coming, they say!

You can also serve cocktails and booze to your guests. There are plenty of unique and tasty concoctions nowadays and your Super Bowl party can definitely use them.

Let’s not stop at that! Guests are sure to have a blast with drinking games. Go for easy ones like gulping down beer for every touchdown or chugging whenever a certain player gets mentioned.

With these tips, your Super Bowl party is sure to be one big hit!

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