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Planners for Every Personality

Planners for Every Personality

Before organizing apps were invented, planners have become the main tool of people to take note of their daily tasks and goals. It is a timeless piece that keeps people on track with their agenda. Studies show that writing down your tasks makes it easier to remember by 50%. Until now, many still prefer organizing their lives the traditional way. If you believe in the power of planners, then you should check out this post. We’re featuring the best planner for every personality. Click on the bold underlined text to shop.

Select one now that suits you.


If you love reading magazines, watching fashion shows and filling your wardrobe with trendy ensembles, then Kate Spade is your best planner. They are featuring a lot of fashion inspired designs you’ll love! Anyway, we’re into the NY Women Novelty Couture planner. It has hardbound cover, metallic spiral binding, interior pocket and elastic band closure. This is definitely the classy and stylish planner for you.

 fashionista planner


For the person who loves to read a lot and watch movies especially Sci-Fi, then this is the perfect planner. Moleskin STAR WARS hardcover is the coolest planner for any nerdy and movie loving person. This includes themed stickers with trivia and a bookmark ribbon. This is crafted as a daily planner so you have lots of pages to write on how you can dominate the world – just kidding. With this planner, the force will always be with you.


You believe that life always has a bright side, and you are always motivated to achieve your goals. Well, guess what? We’re happy to show you the planner for your life! Tools4Wisdom Planner will never fail to put a smile on your face and push you to accomplish great things! We know you can do it. 

motivated optimist plannerPLANNER FOR THE ANIMAL LOVER

Fond of animals? Got a lot of pets in your house? Then you’ll surely adore this planner! Kitten Hardcover Weekly Planner will help you be organized in the cutest way possible. Each page features kittens that are so hard to resist. Also, this planner is pocket sized so you can always bring the cuties anywhere. Prepare for a whole year of irresistible cuteness.

animal lover plannerPLANNER FOR THE TRAVELER

Your motto in life would be “To see the world in different perspectives.” And you believe that you were born to wander endlessly. You are the traveler in heart. To travel successfully, you should be able to plan successfully. Thus, we present to you the Bon Voyage Planner! This is what you need to make your journey more fun and exciting. This lovely planner includes transit maps of Paris, London and New York! Plus, it has sections where you can take note of addresses. Time to get packing and touring with this planner as your official travel buddy.

traveler planner


What is the secret weapon of the most successful people? An organized life. If you’re the type who is always on the go and is eager to become more and more productive then get this planner. Goal Digger Planner will not just help you finish your errands; it will also help you reach your biggest goals in life. It comes with quotes that serve as reminders to not give up. And it has sections where you can write your reflection or notes to self. This planner will keep on telling you that nothing is impossible if you keep doing it.


If you think that you don’t fall on any of those personality types and you just want a basic but still effective planner, then get Panda Planner. This planner has been proven to improve the productivity of its loyal users. It has a unique feature where the pages are undated, so you have the power to plan things the way you want it. This planner has daily, weekly and monthly layout.

any personality planner

The best way to start the year, is to be organized. Get one now!

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