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Photography Guide

Photography Guide

The first ever camera was introduced in 1826. It was huge and hard to use. But, because of today’s technology, almost everyone can easily use a camera. Then photography became a profession. It’s an art that people do to make moments still, to keep memories and to tell a story. If you want to start photography then check this post out.

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Sports and events

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If you like to take photos of sport events, keep your eyes sharp and hands quick to capture the best moment.

Since you’ll be capturing moving subjects, you need a camera with speedy autofocus and fast frame rate per second. These two things are a must to avoid blurred outputs. Also, a high ISO (the light sensitivity of your camera- the higher ISO the brighter the outcome of the image) will come handy in case there’s no good lighting available.


Sony Alpha A600 has ISO up to 256000 and a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 second. This camera is perfect for you to take pictures of fast moving subjects under all light conditions.

 Travel and Outdoors

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If you’re a restless wanderer and love to take pictures of outdoor surroundings, have monopods to capture landscapes beautifully. A camera that’s compact will be convenient on your part.


Nikon D750 is lightweight, compact and slim. This is your suitable travel buddy. It has tilting LCD Screen and long lasting battery life that can capture up to 1230 photos.


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If you’re fond of capturing your own extreme adventure moments, then you will need the smallest plus waterproof camera. Cameras with good image stabilization are imperative.


Sony HDR Action Cam will give you stunning videos with great audio quality because of its built-in stereo mic with noise reduction.

GoPro HERO will be your ultimate adventure buddy. It is very durable and waterproof up to 131 feet.

Studio and Still

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Studio and still photography are all about the details. You will need a camera that is great for macro photography. Sharp lenses and a basic lighting kit will be a lot of help.


Fujifim X-T1 already has gained a lot of praise with its ability to capture fine details. It’s weatherproof and very light weight. Macro photography is all about extreme close ups. Canon EOS 5DS is best at making the smallest things large and vivid in images. It has a 16-35mm excellent macro lens.

Kids and Family

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The little ones are sometimes the hardest to capture. Avoid using flash to prevent distracting them and use a camera with an excellent autofocus feature.


Olympus E-M10 Camera has good resolution quality and performs well even in the lowest light surroundings. The 45mm lens is great in capturing moving kids or pets.

 Portrait and Socials

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For bloggers or frequent social media users, a camera with built-in Wi-Fi will be great. For portrait photography, an interchangeable lens camera will give you plenty of opportunities to adjust and blur the backgrounds.


Canon EOS T5i creates good quality images in JPEG format which will prevent you from having to convert RAW files. It also has responsive and easy to navigate touchscreen interface. This is perfect for novice photographers.

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