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New Year Fitness Guide

New Year Fitness Guide

Are you one of those people who keep on telling themselves that “I need to get fit.” But nothing happens? Do you have that urge to go exercise but end up being lazy? Do you think this New Year is the right time to achieve that goal? If you answered YES to all of the questions above, then we’re here to help you become fit and healthy.

Our Holiday celebration was a lot of fun. But, a lot of fats also entered our bodies. This New Year is the chance to get those fats by burning them off. We rounded up everything you need to become a healthier new you this New Year. Just click on the bold underlined items to shop.

Before we start showing you the things you need to get fit, let’s get to know how you can make it until the end of your goal.

First, set a specific goal. Know the workout that you need to do. You need to focus on one specific workout and finish it before you can do another. It’s better that way to establish a routine.

Second, start small and don’t overdo it. If you don’t exercise at all, then start with a 15 minute workout first, then make it 20, 30 until your body gets used to it. Also, never starve yourself, many people think that losing weight means not eating at all or eating less than what you need. Just eat what’s enough.

Third, commit. The only way that can help you reach this goal is by being committed and motivated. If you don’t have the attitude, then you will never become who you want to be. No excuses.

So, let’s get moving!

Take note that being fit is 30% workout and 70% diet. The most important thing is your food. Start with fresh fruits, high-fiber meals and green vegetables. Then, stock your pantry with healthy snacks that can help you control your eating habits.

Stock Your Pantry

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Stock Your Pantry-prods

A good breakfast meal would be Quaker Oats, it’s easy to prepare and a good source of calcium and other essential vitamins. Fuel your body with a good drink like Bai Coconut to keep you hydrated. It’s gluten-free and deliciously sweet.

When you’re hungry at work and craving for a good snack, get KIND snack bars. They are the guilt-free snacks that will instantly satisfy your cravings. Then, pack yourself a yummy protein shake like Special K to keep you in shape and not always feeling hungry.

Now that your pantry is filled with healthy goodies, it’s time for your vitamins. They are very essential to protect your body from having unwanted health issues.


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 Vitamins Prods

Work can be sometimes tiring and stressful. Thus, we need supplements that can boost us in our daily grind. We recommend Vitron-C Supplement to give double protection in your immune system. It’s not just vitamin C, it also has iron. Another vitamin would be Nature Made. It has vitamin B complex, folic acid, biotin and other essential minerals that can help you feel your best.

Food and supplements are set. Time to be active!

Products for an Active Lifestyle

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active lifestyle products

Here are essentials that can help you begin. A good pair of running shoes for your workout or jog routine can be New Balance Trail Shoes. It can be your overall workout buddy with its lightweight material and comfortable shoe. If you prefer indoor workouts then you need kettle bells. They are very versatile because you can use them for doing leg workouts like squats, arm workouts like raises, abs workout like planking and a lot more.

You can also try yoga by getting yourself yoga gloves. You don’t need a mat anymore with this one. It’s your all grip no slip yoga trainer. Most of all, don’t forget to always have water to prevent dehydration. A durable and BPA-free bottle like Nalgene will come handy.

To maximize your potential while working out get sport nutrition products.

Sports Nutrition

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Sports Nutrition Products

For pre workout sessions, use NO2 Elite to push you through until the end of your workout. It’s sweet with no artificial flavors or preservatives. After the workout, Legion Recharge is the one you need to recover quickly. It also helps you build muscle faster.

This will be your year, if others can do it then you can too. Start being healthy and being better this New Year!

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