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Martha Stewart’s 2015 Recipes of the Year

the blank recipe book and fresh ingredients

Welcome to 2015! The year’s still fresh yet very promising- in all of life’s aspects. Of course, this includes the rich mine yet to be discovered in the world of cuisine and culinary. From businesswoman mogul and anything-under-the- sun expert, Martha Stewart, here’s a list of this year’s must-prepare, must-cook recipes.

WOW with Appetizers

First impressions last; so better make your guests’ first bite everlasting. Try this Smoked Trout Three Ways and give your appetizer a sophisticated starring role.

WOW with Appetizers

To keep your guests on- the- go, impress them with more crowd- delectable snack mixes. This Spicy Sweet Pretzel Mix recipe is the way to do it- when molasses- flavored dark brown sugar meets cayenne pepper spice!

Spicy Sweet Pretzel Mix recipe

The Stars of Your Main Course

Sauteed Chicken in Mustard- Cream Sauce

Sauteed Chicken in Mustard- Cream Sauce

Cook in less than 30 minutes, the dish stars our all favorite chicken breast. Low in fat but high in flavor, the main star is well supported by an equally tasty Tarragon and Dijon mustard cream sauce.

Vegetarian Black- bean Chili

Create a greener planet while charging up your health. How? Combine black beans, crushed tomatoes, carrots, corn and zucchini in one dish to make a fast- paced, stick- to- your- ribs chili plate.

Vegetarian Black- bean Chili

Desserts to Start with a Bang and end with a Blast!

Chocolate Peanut- butter Icebox Cake

‘Baking’ this sweet addiction requires no oven! Who would have thought four ingredients forged into one could create a gustatory masterpiece? Mix confectioner’s sugar, peanut butter and whipped cream together and layer with your regular, store- brought chocolate wafer cookies. Refrigerate overnight and get lip-smacking, not- oven baked cake!

Chocolate Peanut- butter Icebox Cake

Cream Cheese and Poppyseed cakes

Great things in life come in small sizes. Conclude today’s eating journey with these tiny, sweet, little cakes that could break the standard of elegance in taste.

Cream Cheese and Poppyseed cakes

Fulfill this New Year’s promise of hope with food! Claim the culinary glory and joy; do it with the expert- Martha Stewart’s recipes for the Year, no less!

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