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Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Events, Decorating and Entertaining, Decorating, Decorating by Colour, Kitchen, Holiday Decorating Ideas | 0 comments

Timeless Interior Pumpkin Decors

Timeless Interior Pumpkin Decors

We’ve seen pumpkin decors that can only be used during specific seasons or holidays. It’s sad when you still want to use this certain pumpkin but you know it’s out of season anymore.

This time you’ll be introduced to different pumpkin decors that you can display in your home at all seasons.


This type of interior decor is very light and durable. You can transfer it anywhere in your house without any hassle. It is also safe for children who want to play with it.

a. Velvet Pumpkin

Velvet Pumpkin doesn’t serve as a display only. It’s also so soft that you can make it a pillow or bed decor.

a. Assorted Fabric Pumpkins

Meanwhile, the Assorted Fabric Pumpkins come in 3 and you can display them at different parts of your house. It would be nice to see the others on tables or shelves.


Glass items are very fragile. But, they look very classy. A house with glass displays has that luxurious look. Have you noticed fancy restaurants using non glass wares? I don’t think so.

b. Glass Pumpkin Orange

This Orange Glass Pumpkin would be great for any kitchen.

b. Glass Pumpkin

On the other hand, the unique hue of this Blue glass pumpkin has a very enchanting aura.


c. Assorted Pumpkin Sculpture

Give your place a festive aura by having these assorted pumpkin sculptures. You can display them with bright colored items for a merry mood.

c. Pumpkin Candleholders

Lighting candles inside your homes gives a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Be playful by having these Pumpkin candleholders.

d. Assorted Pumpkin Bowls

Speaking of relaxing, these assorted pumpkin bowls have light and cool colors. Add different items on each of them like small stones, dried rose petals or seeds.


Gold and silver can be considered as vintage colors. And vintage items are always flawless. Have these vintage inspired pumpkins to complete the classic look of your homes.

e. Brass Pumpkin Box

Hide old coins or put spices in this pumpkin box.

d. Deep Pumpkin Bowl

Your food would definitely be nice to look at when they’re placed in this bowl.

e. Pumpkin Planter

This pumpkin planter is the best place to put fruits in small sizes. If you want, this can be your emergency sewing kit.

Bring out the inner creativity in you by experimenting with any of these items. Designing your home is never boring if you have pieces that you can use anytime, anywhere.

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