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The Fairy Merry Christmas

The Fairy Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! It’s another wonderful season of the year for you and your fairy garden fairies. Are you ready for another adventure? Because here’s The Fairy Merry Christmas book! This features the tale of Fairy Merry, who works at the North Pole and helps Santa along with other fairies in preparing for Christmas. But suddenly, the naughty Fairy Dougie gets in the way by persuading other fairies to stop and not believe in Christmas. Oh no! Let’s see what Fairy Merry did to stop Fairy Dougie from ruining Christmas. Also, witness another tale of friendship and Christmas spirit with Fairy Holly and the little girl that lives in the main house where her fairy garden is.

This is the perfect book to read for the whole family this yuletide season! Now the best part just started, because this book also serves as your guide to make the most wonderful Christmas fairy garden. You’ll be guided from setting up, what should be present and so much more! It also includes resources that you need for your Fairy Garden. So, what are you waiting for? Make your fairy garden a Christmas wonderland with The Fairy Merry Christmas Book.


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If you loved the book itself, then you’ll love these t-shirts that we have for you!

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The Fairy Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Fairy Merry is promoted as the head fairy officer in North Pole, she uses her power – the fairy shimmer to assist fairies in making Christmas perfect. Get this shirt of her sitting on the snow. Isn’t she beautiful?

Fairy Merry-main

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A Fairy Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Here is another design where a fairy wonderfully sprinkles her fairy shimmer using a wand.

Fairy Merry main 2

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Naughty Dougie T-shirt

Oh well, look at what we have here. It’s Fairy Dougie in his naughty appearance.

Naughty Dougie-main

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Good Dougie T-shirt

I knew it! Deep inside, there was something special with Fairy Dougie. Here’s the Good Dougie that’s totally nicer and adorable.

Good Dougie-main

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It’s a merry merry holiday with The Fairy Merry Christmas. Don’t miss it and make your fairy garden fairies happy!

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