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10 Tanning Products for a Healthy, Golden Glow

10 Tanning Products for a Healthy, Golden Glow

These days, you won’t need the sun to bask in that lovely golden glow, thanks to these tanning products! Click on the photos to shop the items.

Jurlique - Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner

Jurlique – Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner

Get the multi-benefits of a natural, golden sunless tan, protection from environmental aggressors and intense hydration with this Jurlique product. It guarantees uniform coverage and a streakless natural looking tan from head to toe.

James Read - Bronzing Mousse

James Read – Bronzing Mousse

Add definition to your tan and body by using the James Read BB Gradual Tan Pen along your collar bone, cheekbones, abdominal muscles and insides of your arms and legs.

Suntegrity - 5 in 1 Natural Self Tanner

Suntegrity – 5 in 1 Natural Self Tanner

Healthier and better than a real tan, this natural self tanner will have you looking like you’ve been on a beach holiday without exposing your precious skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Want to look like you’ve been basking in the sun for weeks? Just re-apply for a deeper, bronzed look.

Nuxe - Soleil Prodigieux® Beautifying Self-Tanning Body Lotion

Nuxe – Soleil Prodigieux® Beautifying Self-Tanning Body Lotion

This Self-Tanning Body Cream with a delicately iridescent texture gives your skin an instant glow while delivering incredible moisturization. Your skin instantly glows with a light satin veil and is kissed with an ultra-natural tan that intensifies gradually as the cream is applied.

Bask Night Tan 2 Step Sunless Tanning System + Sleep Mask

Bask Night Tan 2 Step Sunless Tanning System + Sleep Mask

Get a long-lasting, natural golden color that looks as good as real tan with this 2-step fake tan. Gently exfoliate your skin with the Skin Smoothing Pre-Tan Scrub, before applying the Moisturizing Sunless Tanning Lotion.

Bliss A Tan For All Seasons Self Tanning Mist with Quick Drying Sun Set Bronzer

Bliss A Tan For All Seasons Self Tanning Mist with Quick Drying Sun Set Bronzer

This advanced antioxidant infused self tanner gives you a gradual, ‘sun’-believable, head-to-toe tan. It provides a superior, streakless, color-balanced tan from a superstar blend of self-tannin ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) and instantly bronzes with golden sheen and prevents color transfer with sun set bronzer.

Biotherm Self Tanning Gel

Biotherm Self Tanning Gel

Are you looking for a fast and easy sun-kissed look, whatever the season? Gelée Auto-Bronzante self-tanning Gel (FAIR) gives your body a natural and uniform tan that also offers 24h hydration.

Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel

Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel

The gel gives a natural looking, streak-free tan within hours of application. Using natural and organic ingredients including Walnut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile, the gel leaves the skin incredibly smooth and moisturized, with no harsh chemical scent. Apply twice to create an even deeper tan.

Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanning Face Towelettes

Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanning Face Towelettes

Now you can enjoy all the beach bronze and skin restorative benefits in a convenient towelette designed specifically for the face and neck. Infused with nourishing, antioxidant-rich ingredients, including maracuja and vitamin E, each single-use towelette brightens and hydrates the skin while delivering a lasting sunless tan that never looks fake or orange.

Luminess Air Tanning System

Luminess Air Tanning System

Whether you are looking for a light healthy golden glow or a deep dark velvety tan, this complete spa-quality tanning airbrush system is the leading way to get that professional salon flawless tan now at home.

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Earth-Friendly Beauty Products

Earth-Friendly Beauty Products

Green beauty products are definitely gaining popularity and for lots of good reasons! They’re environmentally friendly with mostly natural, and at times, organic ingredients, with some not tested on animals, and a good majority of them preservative-free.

So channel the inner nature goddess in you and go green chic with these naturally awesome earth-friendly beauty products from Beauty Habit. Click on the photos to shop the items!

Bonny Doon Farm - Bay Rhum Sailor's Salve

Bonny Doon Farm – Bay Rhum Sailor’s Salve

Made with pure natural oils from the leaves and berries of the Virgin Islands Native Bay this salve is very effective for rope burns, chapped hands, elbows, knees and heels.

Ganache for Lips - Chocolate Hazelnut Lip Balm

Ganache for Lips – Chocolate Hazelnut Lip Balm

A decadent lip conditioner made with the best ingredients available. The lip balm is all-natural and preserved with Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract. Unlike many other lip balm lines, Ganache contains no petroleum products.

Lulu Organics - Lavender & Clary Sage Hair Oil

Lulu Organics – Lavender & Clary Sage Hair Oil

An all organic, PARABEN FREE hair oil for hair on days of WASH. This luxe hair oil is light yet nourishing for dry, thick, curly, kinky and all-around thirsty hair.

Widu - Oval Wooden Bristle Pneumatic Head Brush

Widu – Oval Wooden Bristle Pneumatic Head Brush

The classic shape and one of Widu’s most popular styles, this Large Oval Pneumatic Ash Wood Baseball Bristle Brush is guaranteed to give your scalp that wonderful tingly feeling. The wood bases of the Widu brushes and combs are sustainably harvested from managed forests and finished naturally with purified linseed oil and beeswax.

W3LL PEOPLE - Bio Brightener Stick

W3LL PEOPLE – Bio Brightener Stick

This magic illuminizing stick creates a hydrated, happy youthful glow in seconds. It’s the perfect trick for you sleepless workaholics to look rested and radiant! The rich creamy formula has a satiny smooth, weightless texture – free from all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum. So, there’s no heavy, greasy film and no creasing.

Chivas Skin Care - Calming Goat Milk Facial Soap

Chivas Skin Care – Calming Goat Milk Facial Soap

Chivas’ purest recipe with all the benefits of goat milk but none of the essential oils, exfoliants, or natural colorants that can irritate super-sensitive skin. Like all Chivas Skin Care soaps, this blend is moisturizing, nourishing & gentle for dry or sensitive skin. Made especially for your face.

French Girl Organics - Organic Lip Tints

French Girl Organics – Organic Lip Tints

Lip Tints are unique for their gloss-like look and feel with just a kiss of rich saturated pure earth color goodness. If you want a Vegan Friendly lip color with a sheer veil of natural looking color, these are for you! The deep shade of the Lip Tint in the tube will be just a whisper of light, ginger-pink on your lips.

ILIA - Multi-Stick

ILIA – Multi-Stick

The ILIA Multi-Stick combines organic ingredients and color, with healing properties of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Apply to cheeks, lips and eyes for a sheer blush of color. Nourish your skin naturally.

Konjac Sponge Company - 100 Pure Konjac Puff Sponge - Original

Konjac Sponge Company – 100% Pure Konjac Puff Sponge – Original

Made with 100% natural konjac fibre from the root of the Amorphophallus konjac plant, these sponges are moisture rich and naturally alkaline, balancing the acidity of the skin and its oils. They gently exfoliate for naturally deep cleansing.

Lucy B's - Tinted Lip Gloss

Lucy B’s – Tinted Lip Gloss

Lucy B’s Tinted Lip Gloss is made with smooth hydrating natural anti-oxidant emollients infused with their signature, confidence enhancing Australian Flower Essences. This kiss of Vitamin E, Jojoba & Sunflower Seed Oil is naturally Paraben, Pthalate & Gluten-free. Not tested on animals.

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Top 5 All Natural Hair Moisturizers

Top 5 All Natural Hair Moisturizers

Your hair goes through a lot in a day – from dry weather to chemicals and curling irons. With all these factors stressing your mane out, it’s no wonder they get dry and frizzy at some point. Sure you can always head to the salon for some hair treatment but wouldn’t more chemicals do more harm?

The answer, most probably, is yes. The good news is, you don’t have to go anywhere else to moisturize your locks. Check out these homemade DIY hair moisturizers made from 100% natural ingredients.

Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Gel


These two ingredients are notorious for their moisturizing properties and bringing them together only doubles the goodness! Some hair mask recipes make use of grapeseed oil and honey on top of shea butter and aloe vera gel but just whipping up these two is guaranteed to save your hair from drought.

Beer & Banana



Surprise! Beer truly is food – even for your hair. It turns out that this age-old booze is packed with B vitamins and proteins which nourish each hair strand. Maltose and sugar, on the other hand, give your hair that extra shine. Bananas smooth frizz and moisturize.

Honey, Olive Oil & Egg Yolk

??????????This combination is the perfect solution to dry and dull-looking hair. Egg yolk makes your hair softer and silkier. It is also known to add more volume to your locks and make them look even shinier. The great news is? Eggs aren’t that expensive so you don’t have to worry even if you have long hair.

Coconut Oil & Honey


Coconut oil is a popular hair moisturizer in tropical countries – due, in part, to their abundance. But, coconut naturally has high moisture-retaining properties. Combine coconut oil and honey. Lather onto hair and leave on for 30 to 40 minutes. Rinse and style.



This is a natural hair conditioner which tames frizz and keeps hair moisturized even during winter. An added bonus is that yogurt is also a hair fall remedy. To use, just coat hair with yogurt and leave on for 20 minutes with a towel wrap-around. Rinse with shampoo and water after.

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Root Touch Up vs Eyeshadow – Which One Should You Use to Cover Your Roots?

Root Touch Up vs Eyeshadow – Which One Should You Use to Cover Your Roots?

Are you thinking of covering you roots with eyeshadow? Well, think again.

Hear it from the pros! Award-winning hair color expert Susan Roberts-Cooper weighs in on the root touch up versus eyeshadow debacle.

The Look

Root Touch Up is a lightweight powder formulated with micro-milled pigments. That means denser, richer color to hide those pesky roots and grays. Eyeshadow is simply not as dense, making it much less effective at blending regrowth with your hair color.

Because it’s designed for hair, Root Touch Up features a matte, suede-like texture that helps hair look thicker. Eyeshadow is lighter and often shinier, which can draw unwanted attention to those roots.

The Application

DIY solutions should be budget-friendly, but Root Touch Up is considerably more economical. It takes just a few swipes of the wide brush to cover roots. Because eyeshadow deposits less pigment, more is needed to provide the same amount of coverage.

Root Touch Up is formulated to be long-lasting. In fact, it stays in you hair until you shampoo it out. Compare that to eyeshadow that needs primer to last the whole day on your lids.

It’s about saving time as well as money. Root Touch Up arrives in a compact with a wide, short-bristled brush crafted for easy application to generous sections of hair. In comparison, the petite makeup swabs and brushes that accompany eyeshadow dab a tiny bit on at a time.

root touch up

The Benefits

Every Madison Reed product is made to give women healthier options, and Root Touch Up is no different. It is free of titanium dioxide, which is “considered a possible carcinogen and is known to trigger an inflammatory response” according to Dr. Jan Hansen.

Unlike makeup, Root Touch Up stays put from shampoo to shampoo. It is waterproof and pillow-proof, so you don’t have to worry about roots revealing themselves in the rain or at the gym.

If you’re a fan of dry shampoo, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of Root Touch Up’s oil-absorbing powder. It freshens up second-day hair and adds subtle volume. Makeup can’t do that.

The Verdict

Eyeshadow belongs on eyes, not your hairline. Choose your Root Touch Up color now and see the difference on yourself!


Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up comes in 6 shades. Click on the photos below to shop your root touch up color!


Legno (Black)


Ombra (Dark Brown)


Terra (Medium Brown)


Sabbia (Light Golden Brown)


Cenere (Light Brown)


Sienna (Auburn Red)

Learn more about Madison Reed and their line of hair color products that are healthier for your hair! With more than 30 shades of permanent hair color, semi-permanent gloss and root touch up, there is a color for you!

Get 50% off your first box of permanent hair color at Madison Reed through March 31, 2015 with the code MARCHMADNESS.

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The Tatcha Story: The Secret to Clear Skin

The Tatcha Story: The Secret to Clear Skin




Portrait of a Japanese geisha woman on light background

Geishas are known for their captivating skin and the good news is that Tatcha has uncovered the secret to it.

Victoria Tsai, the founder of Tatcha, was left in awe when she walked into a beauty store in Japan. There, she met a geisha with the most flawless skin.

“Without their stage makeup on, their skin is so clear and smooth, whether they’re 20 or 80,” she said in an Oprah.com interview. “My first thought was: ‘I’ll have what you’re having.'”

The 35-year-old Harvard graduate was shown “jars of powders and waxes,” she revealed in a Wall Street Journal interview. She took home the jars, used them for eight weeks and had better complexion.

Needless to say, Victoria did her homework soon after that and unearthed a 200-year-old Japanese manuscript containing ancient beauty rituals and practices that even the geishas use.

She “worked with a Japanese chemist to develop Hadasei-3, a formula that blends red algae, green tea and rice bran—staple ingredients of the Japanese diet—into an antioxidant complex,” said the Wall Street Journal.

Now, Victoria has 3 “By Ritual” lines for those with dry skin, normal + combination skin and oily skin.


The beginning Ritual Discovery Kit, developed for normal + combination skin, consists of four beauty products, explained by Tatcha as below.

e0423197d43a7dddd55993fdeb113e9c8b12daee-one-step-camellia-cleansing-oilPURE Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil

This beautiful blend of camellia and rice bran oil melts away impurities and even waterproof makeup. Skin is left fresh and pure in just 1 step—no double cleansing required.

72cfb90efc10dace8dd33808b9ad4367cbce6779-classic-rice-enzyme-powderPOLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

This creamy, water-activated enzyme powder effortlessly releases debris from skin, leaving it polished and baby soft in an instant.

c33b73bb2458b5be306970be896793fe8747a155-deep-brightening-serumRADIANT Deep Brightening Serum

This hydrating serum absorbs effortlessly into the skin and hydrates while making the skin appear more luminous.

13dc7d59dd701920c621cda3824bb835bc20c802-moisture-rich-silk-creamSUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream

This rich yet weightless gel-cream lays a semi-occlusive moisture-binding network on the skin, while powerful anti-aging and moisturizing actives work to replenish and fortify skin from the inside out.

A Tatcha Ritual Discovery Trial Kit is also available — ideal for travel and for those who want to test out the products. The trial kit will last roughly two weeks.

Apart from the Ritual Discovery Kit, Tatcha fans are also loving the brand’s Original and Evening Beauty Papers. What are they?

These beauty sheets are Tatcha’s alternative to powder and primer. It works by removing excess oil and sweat from the skin while leaving your make-up intact. It also doesn’t steal moisture from the skin.

Discover TATCHA to Reveal Beautiful Skin. Made in Japan and Inspired Geisha Beauty Rituals. Enjoy Free Shipping & Returns on Any Order. Shop Now.

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5 Facts About Allergies to Hair Products

5 Facts About Allergies to Hair Products

Allergic reactions don’t just come from the foods we eat. You can react to just about any substance – including the ingredients in your hair products. Dr. Jan and the team from Madison Reed offer some very helpful insight into allergic reactions and the ingredients in the hair products we use.

1. What is an allergic reaction?

You could think of an allergic reaction as “too much of a good thing.” I say that because it’s a result of your body’s natural defenses working overtime. An allergic reaction is an inappropriate response to an otherwise harmless substance. When the body becomes sensitized to a substance, that substance becomes an allergen. Since this response depends on each body’s response, different people are allergic or sensitive to different things.

2. Why are some people allergic to hair color?

Allergens can get into our bodies in a multitude of ways, like eating peanut butter, breathing in pollen, through the blood when a bee stings, or topical like hair dye. It’s not well understood why some people react to certain substances while others do not.

Como Light Brown 2

Let’s talk about common ingredients in hair dye that can trigger sensitivities. Much of the hair dye made today is still based on formulas developed during the Industrial Revolution. The most common chemicals in hair dye linked to allergic reactions are PPD, ammonia, and resorcinol.

Knowing which ingredients pose a risk will help you make the best choices for yourself. Luckily, advances in science have led to healthier hair color formulas—like Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit —that give high performance without these common, potentially dangerous allergens.

3. Can I get hair color without these ingredients?

Yes! Madison Reed permanent color is free of PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, added parabens, and gluten. And Madison Reed products do not contain any of the 22 chemicals that are banned in the EU, which has stricter safety standards for hair color.

Sicily Blonde 2

If you have high sensitivity to oxidative ingredients (which all permanent color requires to process hair), semi-permanent gloss is another option. This is a category of hair color that deposits pigments onto your hair without chemically opening the hair shaft. The tradeoff is that semi-permanent color cannot fully cover grays. Learn more about the difference between semi-permanent and permanent color on the Madison Reed blog so you can make a more informed decision!

4. How do I make sure a product is safe for me?

If you have had an allergic reaction of any kind and know what you are allergic to, avoid the allergen completely. Repeated exposure to an allergen can lead to a more serious reaction. Always check a product’s full list of ingredients to ensure your safety.

If you don’t know what you are allergic to, keep in mind you can be sensitive to any ingredient, not just the common allergens.

Trieste Red 2

The other important thing to note is that each color has different ingredients. So if you’ve been using one shade of color and decide to change your look, read through the new shade’s ingredients carefully. Don’t assume that it will be the same formula.

If, and only if, you have not had a severe reaction in the past to hair color, you can perform a patch test on your skin before coloring your hair. Madison Reed offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can do this with their Radiant Color Kits with confidence. If you are going to a salon, call at least 2 days in advance to ask if they offer this service. If they do, make sure they perform the test with the exact shades that they plan to use on your hair.

Palermo Black 2

If you have had a severe reaction in the past, please do not test on your own. It’s best in those cases to consult your personal physician, dermatologist, or allergist.

5. How do I perform a patch test?

Susan Roberts-Cooper, award-winning international colorist and director of research and development for Madison Reed, recommends these step-by-step instructions for a sensitivity skin patch test:

a. Mix a small amount of permanent color and a small amount of developer in a small non-metal bowl. You will be testing a very small patch of skin, so about 1” of color from the tube with a dime-sized dot of activator should be enough.

b. Clean small patch of skin (we recommend the inside of your arm, wrist, or behind your ear) thoroughly. Use rubbing alcohol if you are not sensitive to it.

c. Use a cotton swab to apply the color mixture to your skin.

d. Allow color mixture to dry. Then apply a small bandage to cover.

e. Leave on skin for 48 hours to test for sensitivities to the ingredients. If you sense any discomfort or sensitivity, remove and clean immediately.


Patch test must be done 48 hours (2 full days) before you plan to color your hair. Skin should not get wet during the 48 hours. For this reason, behind the ear is usually the best spot.

A visible change in the skin (redness or bumpiness) could signal sensitivity even if you do not feel physical discomfort. If you test on skin that is hard to see (like behind your ear), ask a friend to check at the end of 48 hours.

Learn more about Madison Reed and their line of hair color products that are healthier for your hair! With more than 30 shades of permanent hair color, semi-permanent gloss and root touch up, there is a color for you! Find your perfect hair color now!

Or check out our top 15 favorite Madison Reed hair color shades below.

Perugia Black

Perugia Black – Sapphire black with hints of blue

Positano Black

Positano Black – Black with hints of deep cool brown

Palermo Black

Palermo Black – Rich dark brown with hints of aubergine

Messina Brown

Messina Brown – Dark cool brown with a blend of cool ash

Venezia Brown

Venezia Brown – Natural dark brown with hints of gold

Napoli Brown

Napoli Brown – Natural deep warm brown with hints of gold

Torino Brown

Torino Brown – Deep brown with smoky undertones

Verona Brown

Verona Brown – Brown with warm auburn undertones
Trieste Red
Trieste Red – Deep reddish mahogany brown

Vesuvius Red

Vesuvius Red – Fiery auburn with coppery red

Genova Red

Genova Red – Auburn with hints of copper and gold

Como Light Brown

Como Light Brown – Light golden brown with hints of mahogany

Sicily Blonde

Sicily Blonde – Dark natural blonde with hints of gold

Tremiti Blonde

Tremiti Blonde – Natural golden blonde

Roma Blonde

Roma Blonde – Cool light blonde with smoky undertones




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